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Ahmad Khalid

Ahmad Khalid

Machine Learning Engineer & STEM Education Trainer

Has a goal to become the leading tech intrapreneur of Pakistan. Dedication, commitment and passion perfectly define his personality. He is a graduate of the most prestigious University of Engineering & Technology, Lahore as an Electrical Engineer and completed a career-prep fellowship from Stanford University supported program of Amal Academy. He proved his capability by standing first among 40 projects in the Final Year Project due to his motivation towards solving the problems for the sake of humanity. He developed Sign-to-Speech glove for mute people with his teammates that is featured by many well-known media channels and social media pages. His love for STEM training, exceptional skill in Machine Learning and optimized engineering problem solving attracted him towards Robokids where he is working on many Tech R&D based projects as well as providing state of the art STEM Education solutions. Ahmad is deeply involved in Music Composition as a hobbyist and loves Pink Floyd.

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