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Imran Aftab

Founder & CEO at 10Pearls Inc.

As Founder and CEO, Imran Aftab spearheads 10Pearls, a global 300+ person, world-class application development company helping businesses digitally transform themselves. 10Pearls provides businesses technology acceleration and innovation to stay competitive in today’s digital economy. 10Pearls’ clients include some of the world’s most exciting start-ups, high growth companies, and large global enterprises. 10Pearls has offices in Washington DC, Karachi, Toronto and Dubai. You can read more about Imran's journey founding 10Pearls in this Washington Post's 2014 article.

Prior to 10Pearls, Imran served as the Director of AOL’s Global Outsourcing, where he managed over $150M annual outsourcing spent over twelve vendors spread across seven countries. Imran has been involved with various stages of product development, and has held positions ranging from VP of Products at Paxfire to Product Manager at MicroStrategy. Other companies he has worked for include Sprint and JP Morgan Chase.

Imran serves as an advisor and investor to start-up’s. Imran is a member of the Young President Organization (YPO), and a graduate of Mindshare, a forum of CEOs of Washington D.C. area’s most promising technology companies.

He holds a BA in Chemistry from Bard College, and a Masters in Chemistry from the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill. He was born in Karachi and received his high school education there before arriving to the US on a full merit-based scholarship for his undergraduate.

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