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Zartaj Waseem

CEO & Co-Founder, Pakistan Space Science Education Centre

Zartaj is a STEM Education specialist, a software engineer by profession, focused on transforming the teaching and learning of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). Being the pioneer of STEM Education in Karachi, Zartaj is currently heading the Robotics & STEM Studio at Haque Academy in addition to overseeing the Senior School. Formerly she co-founded Robotics Labs and led the initiative for three years as Head of STEM Education. She is passionate about hands-on STEM Education and has an innate desire of seeing Pakistani youth seize an extensive share of the global STEM Job Market.

She is also serving as a Mentor for IBA’s Center of Entrepreneurial Development for STEM Education startups and is also a member of the Advisory Board of NUST Talent Discovery Program (NTDP).

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