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For Parents

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You may need to consider supplementing your child's school education with Robokids' STEM club activities if you want your child to:

Secure College Admission

  • Better grades:
    With competition increasing everyday, your child needs that extra edge to achieve better grades than peers.
  • Soft skills:
    Top universities prefer students who have good communication skills, sound intellect and confident personalities.

Robokids provides the environment, tools, activities and guidance to help kids master science and maths concepts. Sharper minds also perform better in languages and other subjects.

At Robokids we help the kids to develop their communication and socialising skills. They get to work in teams and present their STEM projects. There are also dedicated personality nurturing activities for them to develop a polished and refined persona.

  • Focused profile:
    Help your child identify early on their talent and interest in an infinite number of new opportunities that evolving technology is bringing to the fore, so they can choose a field and specialize in it. This will make them stand out versus their peers, besides ensuring they invest their time in productive activities.

By providing them the opportunity to experience STEM across a wide range of activities, they're encouraged to look at all the variety of career fields available in the world.

Perform Well in College

  • Master maths:
    Almost all students, including the brightest ones, struggle with maths in their first year at college because maths being taught even at the best schools is not up to the mark. The problem is, school maths curriculum is 'a mile wide and an inch deep'.

Robokids offers Mental Maths and Co-Curricular Maths Support courses which help kids become confident and get on top of even the difficult maths concepts.

  • DIY attitude:
    Students experience a big challenge adjusting from the teacher-led school life to the Do-It-Yourself life in college.

Everything at Robokids is geared towards getting the kids to engage in exciting activities where they are actively involved in every aspect. Inspired by the Maker Movement, we want the kids to take control - and the courses are so much fun, kids love being in charge.

Prosper in Life

  • Successful career:
    Whether your child builds a promising career in the corporate world or becomes a prolific entrepreneur, life skills like leadership, communication, creativity and technical competence will be crucial for growth. The ability to manage technology to one's advantage will be more important in future than it has ever been before.

We work with leading organisations and thought leaders to identify the skills in demand and personality traits needed to handle all kinds of expected as well as unforeseeable career challenges. Our portfolio of club activities, games, courses and projects are continuously updated to reflect this and help prepare kids acquire both technological and soft skills set they need to succeed, today and tomorrow as adults.

  • Balanced lifestyle:
    One's overall well being comprises of doing well in all aspects of life, not just professional or financial: these include physical, mental and emotional health, social relations, civic responsibility, environment and self-actualization.

Robokids takes each kid under its wings and develops an assessment and dashboard for each individual in consultation with their parents. A well rounded personality can be developed with proper guidance and focused activities that address opportunity areas. Good habits started at an early age become enduring personality traits.

You've probably heard about 'Nature & Nurture'. Let's just say between you, us and your child, we've got it all covered.

To learn more about how we use the role of play in learning,
please write to us: info@robokids.pk

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